21 February 2013

3 home decor

i had fairly exceptional success finding an ikea bedspread on ebay uk for 3£ and thought i might try to replicate that success in the area of curtains. come with me on this magical journey...

so this is tamest (pardon the pun) of the curtains i found. for the nervous homeowner who wants aslan guarding their windows.

and then there was...

father christmas!!! apparently he sells curtains online in his down-time. how disillusioning is that?

can you find the phonics fail here?

because i'm living in an old land whereforfrom (new word! that basically serves the same purpose as 'from whence') came shakespeare, there are a lot o' old shakespeare curtains, like this one from the 4th centenary: 

there's also THIS GUY again:

while i never have been asked what i imagine the view would be as a caterpillar inside a cocoon, if ever i were asked, this curtain would be my answer:

paddington bear!!!
i feel like these people used every derogatory hipster-associated word when 'christmas' would have sufficed:

three words: scarlett o'hara's dress.

can we all agree that this is the laziest sales job ever? as, really, let's be honest, it's just mardi gras beads taped to a doorway.


mak said...

If you go British culture, PLEASE go Paddington Bear. I don't trust Father Christmas's goods.

Linda said...

'Atournament' fabric! Yes!!

oline said...

i think you are right not to trust father christmas! yes, i shall deck my apartment out with paddingtons and union jacks.