22 February 2013

0 freedom

i'm moving into my for realz british apartment tomorrow, after having 'taken possession' this past wednesday (an expression that makes it sound like i'm haunting the place). the last few days have been spent attempting to squeeze all my stuff back into the two suitcases it came over again whilst also outfitting a home from scratch for the first time since college.

this is tricky. both because i have limited funds and limited hands. at present, my home is comprised of a kettle, three pots, a hairdryer, a single plate, and a single bowl. oh, an enormous martini glass that was apparently abandoned by the prior tenant.

today, i ran over some odds and ends, made the bed, and bought groceries.

then i poured a glass of 3£ grocery store cabernet into the enormous martini glass, knelt on the floor by the landlord-supplied coffee table, and sipped my wine whilst nibbling a baguette and reading the owner's guide for my new 4£ kettle. i don't know that i've ever in my life felt more eat, pray, love than i did upon remembering that it was 2 p.m. on a friday afternoon.

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