23 January 2013

2 the thing that is different

in maph, there was this one particular precept group that i remember crystal clear. everybody rambled on and on about an essay by some guy named bettYAmeen, while i sat frozen, stricken with terror because i had, apparently, mistakenly read an essay by some dude named benjamin. after, i collared jen, all who the heck is bettYAmeen? we were supposed to read benjamin, and- sans judgement- she informed me that they were one in the same.

tonight, someone mentioned bettYAmeen. in the midst of long rambles about books i've not read by authors i do not know. and the thing that is different is that, in maph, i would have thought i would need to read those books. in fact, i would have felt stupid for not having already read them. tonight, i still felt stupid for not having already read them, even more so for having never even heard the authors' names. but it do not think i need to read them. in fact, i'm very nearly certain i won't.


Linda said...

:high fives:

Osutein said...

There's this great scene in Zadie Smith's "On Beauty" where this college freshmen, who was valedictorian at her high school and is obviously smart and eager to learn, is in an art history class and is overwhelmed and discouraged by the onslaught of previously unknown theory being discussed. It was like my entire MAPH career in five pages.