22 January 2013

0 PS90210: “excuse me, young raging hormones, may i remind you, i’m a married man?”/”do you think i have problem areas?”/”why do men cheat?"

My friends, this is where we are in 90210land: there’s a whole lot of setting up. dishes we will soon be served: BRANDON WALSH, GAMBLING MAN! KELLY TAYLOR, DIET PILL ADDICT! BRENDA WALSH, SAD AND LONELY! but we’re not there yet. so this week is basically the television equivalent of setting the table in advance of the gluttonous feast to come.
problems to be solved: what if you can’t decide between two women because you think it will all turn out badly for you in 20 years? what if your husband’s cheating? what if you think your husband’s cheating? what if you found out your mom’s husband was cheating? what if your secretary is hot but you’re a Married Man? so, basically, it’s a whole lotta midlife, NOW WHAT?  Continue reading 

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