31 January 2013

0 january: a revue

"that shit would never happen in the US. there would be suing and yelling and screaming and mopping."

"i swear to god. this is the best relationship advice I can give you. fall in love with a guy whose mom is dead."

"did noter dame with the gamey thing? "

"you could learn a whole lot about a person by setting up their bank account."

"i miss you too much. you must come home and live with your parents until we all pass away."

"i had a conversation with an 82-year-old man in the cemetery. he was alive."

"what on earth is “mature dating”?? i feel like that is for a generation or two above our own.."

"i wonder what kissing someone with horribly disfigured teeth would be like."

"PAPA JOHNS!!!! he so global."

"what is that outside thing that looks like a cage?"

"the press are acting very tennessee."

"her shoes remind me of something that hugh jackman’s wife would wear."

"how did i not know that word? it happens all the fucking time. though, to be fair, it happens all the fucking time in the south, too. i think it's part of living in 'polite' societies."

"you are seriously like one of two people that i know that went to/came from mississippi and is normal and capable of rational thought."

"recovered from nye...yes...sticking to nye resolution to only drink once a week...no."

"something is happening."

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