21 January 2013

7 happy monday

kanye at paris fashion week.
WHY does he always look so sad?


mak said...

HOW can anyone be sad with those three things in one's possession AT THE SAME TIME? Crap, I get happy about having just one of those at any given time. What does that say about both of us?

oline said...

that we have really good priorities.

mak said...


Meggie said...

He is stuck with a Kardashian. He obviously didn't pay enough attention to "Gold Digger".

Katie C said...

I mean, have we forgotten the immortal words of one Biggie Smalls??
Mo money, mo problems.
Clearly, this is a truth the plagues young mr. west.

Linda said...

Look how tiny that piece of cake is. Sadness mystery SOLVED.

oline said...

wow, that does explain everything. i get that money doesn't solve everything, but cake very nearly does.