16 December 2012

2 november 14

i like to piece seemingly unconnected things together. like so many squares on a quilt.

i wonder how much of this is because i am a biographer. how much is rooted in the fact that, instinctively, i read life- imposing onto it an order, a structure, a linearness that maybe is not there.

case in point:

the morning after the philosopher and i broke up, i received an email from a biographer asking for proofreading help on her book. at the time i saw this as A SIGN of great things to come. precisely what those great things would be, i didn't have a clue.

that was january 2010.

yesterday, november 13th, the biographer's book was published. last night, i came home and it was waiting on my doorstep.

this morning, november 14th, my visa application was approved. this morning we learned i am moving to london. for real.

seemingly unconnected things piece together and here is why that is cool: because these seemingly unconnected things, once pieced together, remind you of how little you once knew. of how small your dreams once were. how still so much is to come.


The Whiffer said...

'how small your dreams once were' Love it! Congratulations. Must see u there. Proper email contact on the way.

oline said...

yay! i'm in dire need of an update on you.