07 December 2012

0 23 october 2012

today i had my visa picture taken.

by which i mean i washed my hair for this specific occasion and then, over my lunch break, braved the chicago indian summer winds to walk over to the walmart with the good sushi to have my portrait taken.

so a visa picture is the exact same as a passport picture. which i think we all know by now is something at which i do not excel.

i read an article the other day in US weekly about the poses we should all be assuming so as to have universally flattering photographs. one of the suggestions was to always lift your chin in photos, because this makes EVERYONE look good.

i am obviously not everyone, because when i lift my chin in photographs, it just makes my chin look enormo. like, jay leno sized.

it's safe to say that jay leno and i look nothing alike, but in passport photos- wherein one is always encouraged to "lift the chin!"- we could pass for relatives.

i want to say, "no! no! please let me keep it lowered! i look so much better that way!"

so i knew my visa picture would be unusually chinny. what i could not have anticipated was that my short red hair would have decided to come unglued and spike upwards, like a rooster's. but then, it seems fitting that i should sally into london half-cocked.

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