06 December 2012

0 10/20/12: right round

we go round and round in circles. because we're all working with the same limited understanding of precisely what it is we need to do to get me over there. we all have the same information. which is to say not that much.

i'm taking one thing at a time. so first it's the loans, then the visa, then housing.

we have these lengthy phone calls, going over that same information again and again. like the worst episode ever of the twilight zone.

minimums for UK bank accounts perplexed us for WEEKS. then i finally called the bank and we learned it was a moot point, that we'd wasted all that energy for all those weeks debating how we could pull off something that was totally unnecessary given that you can't open a account in the UK unless you are in the UK.

i catch my mother trying to take us down this same conversational path with the matter of the biometrics required for the visa. and i remind her how we wasted so.much.time on the unnecessary banking matter and how, learning from that example, we should maybe focus our attention somewhere else.

and she says, "i know, i know. but it feels like we're making progress when we talk about it. even though we're only presenting the same information back and forth again like it's new."

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