02 November 2012

0 we

upon meeting my mother in paris this past summer, the philosopher noted that we have a shared quirk of speech.

as we lay in the grass by the eiffel tower, passing a cuban cigar back and forth, he informed me that debo and i are a lot alike. that we use the first person plural a lot. and not in the royal sense, but in the familial collective. 

i thought this an odd observation but then i remembered back how, over a two hour dinner, my mother had referenced our family unit through the use of the first person plural at least a zillion times.

we talk about ourselves within the context of our family so much that it is noticeable to outsiders. what this doesn't even begin to belie is how much we depend upon this context.

that maybe comes the closest to explaining how this works. this whole only daughter, only child thing.


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