06 November 2012

0 the true story


rudy is NOT a true story. 

i repeat, the greatest sports story of our time- the 54th most inspiring sports film of ALL TIME (someone else's ranking. not mine. i couldn't probably list 5 other sports films if you forced me.)- is not true.

(btw, truthbomb: sean astin- who is so short that it was believable he wouldn't play football in rudy because he is so short- is a solid SIX inches taller than jason priestly.) 

father clark broke this to me over the weekend at partner's as just a simple aside. then we researched and the unthinkable was proven true. 

rudy never played in a notre dame game. the fact that rudy was allowed to play the last play in a notre game being the whole freaking point of the entire film. 

i resent the phrase "based on a true story." because it is the ending of rudy that makes rudy what it is. the point of rudy is that rudy played. only for a minute. only for a tackle. but he played. 

if he didn't play, what was the point? 

in real life, he didn't play. he was still carried off the field, but he didn't play. 

i'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that i maybe would almost like to see that movie more. a movie where the central character didn't get what they wanted.  where they had to settle for something less. 

because that can be inspiring as well. in a far quieter way, yes, but inspiring nonetheless. to have been carried off the field in triumph without ever having played. 

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