19 November 2012

0 PS90210: “there’s only tonight, baby. tomorrow it’s adios la-la land.”/ “well, money can’t buy you everything, now can it?”

Dear class, 90210 and i are set in america and we’ve a little thing called thanksgiving coming up this thursday. since we’re very nearly on the exact same airing schedule as the 90210 of 1992 (give it up for historical accuracy!), we’ve a thanksgiving episode in our future for next monday, but as a pre-turkey hurrah, i’d like to indulge in a little list of things i am thankful for:

1. season three is the start of seasons with closed captioning capabilities. omg, you guys. TIME HAS BEEN SAVED. this is epic. in terms of the ease with which i can produce the content you see here, this is like switching from a twelve piece orchestra to an ipod.

2. david silver’s lyrical genius. example: “my lyrics furl along the sides of what’s to make a positivity.” i mean, for realz, RIGHT? dude is a kanye.

3. DIESEL STONE and the waste management, because… well, yeah, have you ever heard of a better 90s band name than that?

4. we have reached the almost end of patchworkpants!!!

we’ve much to be thankful for. oh but wait for it…

this is the week of “WILD HORSES”!!! do you know “wild horses”? knowing absolutely nothing of the popularity of individual 90210 episodes among the general fanatical electorate, i will blindly declare “wild horses” a fan favorite. for reasons that will become obvious.

so today, as per ushe, we’re solving several problems. how do you solve a mystery when all your leads dry up? what do you do when you’ve broken into the school’s computer system and are about to be caught? what do you do when your BFF betrays you? what do you do when the person you’ve betrayed your BFF for, totally disappears? what do you do when all the women around you are driving you crazy and you’ve run away only to wind up falling in love with a mysterious older equestrienne? and, OH.MY.GOD, what do you do when your girlfriend dumps you for DIESEL STONE?

ya’ll ready for this? {continue reading}

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