09 November 2012

0 memories via joe

in 1990, while we were in atlanta, my family went into the breeding business. this was weird. we know that. it's come up before

but the upshot of that was that for the christmas of 1990, when everyone came to atlanta, there was always someone missing, always someone had snuck off to play with the puppies. 

nine collie puppies. plus their mom and dad. 

for weeks, my dad had panic dreams that they wouldn't sell and we'd wind up with eleven dogs. and then they all sold and they were gone and their having ever been there felt like a dream. 

joe is still scanning his slides and sending us a batch every week or so. today, the puppy pics made the rounds. and, as one, we all responded the same: gosh those puppies were cute and dang we were young. 

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