02 November 2012

0 forward motion

(omg, so.much.family forward. all apologies if you're overwhelmed.)

in october 2008, when i was desperate to leave my job and the stars seemed to be aligning, i took a day off to go to two interviews. one was the third interview for a position at the U of C that i was convinced i was going to get. the second was with the teamsters.

certain details of the day are very clear.

it was windy.
i was reading nixonland.
the ride from HP to LP on the red line was interminably long.
in between those interviews, i went to the library to vote.

when i went to the library to vote last weekend, all of that came flooding back.

that day in october 2008- the day where i voted and went to all those interviews for jobs i did not get- was the day i told my mother i might move to boston. a statement that struck terror in her heart.

this was on the cusp of the season of the first of three times i've tried for the levy. which was, in turn, the first time i was told there were things i shouldn't do if i was a woman, if i wanted to get married, if i wanted a man to love me.

please take a moment to appreciate with me that time changes SO MUCH.

this weekend in 2012 was the weekend where january 2013 began taking shape. and january of 2013 is something we never ever would've dreamed of in october 2008.

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