05 October 2012

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*"In the weeks and months after Sinead O'Connor tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II on live television, commentators in the media sought to explain the motives of her protest. Very few, however, made use of the traditional tools of journalism: interviews, research, and textual analysis. Instead, most commentators seem to have consulted their own imaginations." (via)

*"Backwards and in high heels, indeed. A female candidate -- even one who would clearly personally prefer to go sans make-up -- will not be accepted without super-careful, professional appearance grooming. Same with the clothes." (via)  

*"I suppose it's about reaching for that piece of truth, the one that whispered to you, the one that had you lean forwards to hear it or that just bitch slapped you in the face..." (via)

* "In July alone, 53 million passengers boarded domestic flights. Only about one-third of 1 percent reported a mishandled bag." (via)

plus, why aren't there more hair mash-ups in the world?

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