08 October 2012

1 PS90210: “this isn’t about the color of people’s skin or how much money they have. it’s about gunshots.”

dear class, i will now make a controversial assertion that i may or may not stand by… season 3 of beverly hills 90210 = season 3 of mad men.
no, really, hear me out.
because season 3 of mad men is extremely experimental, with each episode playing with structure and tone in a different way, so that the overall effect of the season is almost schizophrenic. much like 90210 season 3. a fact that may not’ve been all that evident until the stretch we are coming up on, which will feature an episode rooted in flashbacks, an episode rooted in harlequin romance, and an episode inspired by it’s a wonderful life. for a show that has, thus far, been pretty much straight up high school drama, this is sort of something new. and-though i may eat these words later, as i don’t remember much of the college years- it’s something the show never ever does again.
so here we are, on the cusp of the experimental stretch. this week we will be discussing the problems of gang warfare, street violence, swear words, censorship, the editorial rights of writers, and interracial dancing in the classic 90210 episode “home & away.” SO MUCH! let’s dive in. {continue reading}

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mak said...

Additional Mad Men - 90210 connection (albeit a minor one): does Sue Scanlon remind anyone else of an alternative-universe version of a perky Peggy?