01 October 2012

0 PS90210: “so we’ll die in debt! it’s the american way!"

Hey, ya’ll. it’s been awhile. (please read that in the voice of aaron lewis.) 
well, it hasn’t really because i’ve been keeping you occupied with a stream of miscellaneous content, but it HAS been awhile since we left brandon and patchworkpants making out in that meatlocker (yeah, it wasn’t a meatlocker, but isn’t that story so much better if it is a meatlocker? speaking of, remember that episode of the brady bunch where greg got stuck in the meatlocker? good times.) so where are we?
season 3, episode 9, entitled “high wire.”
and i have to say: you guys, i have looked into the future (ie. wikipedia) and we are in for some UH-MAZINGMENTS. for reals. this season is rich. i think i knew that but i forgot it and now i know it again.
i don’t wanna spill all my beans, but next week we’ve got “home and away” with one of my favorite epical 90210 moments: david silver’s immortal mic check. then we’ve got the Surprising Return of a Person From Brenda’s Past (can you guess who?) an event which, btw, totally goes down in a blockbuster video, as did a surprising lot of dramaz in the 90s. what else? oh yeah, the ridic christmas episode with the angels. the episode of dylan and the horsewoman which is basically just soft-porn. and OMG, shit tons of jack mckay shady business.
so are you ready for The Season of Brandon’s Gambling Addiction/McKay’s on a Yacht/Steve Sanders Screws Up His Life/Kelly Does Diet Pills/Brenda Feels Left Out/Ahhhhhndrea Dates A Black Guy/David Gets A Record Deal/DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES?
no. you’re not. how could you possibly prepare for that? nonetheless, here we go…

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