10 October 2012

2 au cheval


last night, k.clen and i were supposed to go to the moth story-slam. until we realized, about an hour before our departure, that the moth story-slam was on monday, october 8th, and so we were meeting for an event that had already occurred. 

which led, inevitably, to au cheval. 

as all things should.

you know i love a burger. i won't bore you with the details of my boeufatarianism. instead, i'll simply let the phrase itself be testament to my love. 

you also know that when i love something i love it with a messianic fervor and attempt to convert every one i know. (see also: The Ketchup, garden pasta, FNL, paris, et al.)

so i say this with some authority and the expectation that you must believe it with all your heart: there is no better burger in chicago that au cheval.