18 September 2012

0 end scene

for as much as the city so often feels like a small town, you very rarely run into anyone. dOugO's the person i've run into most often and by most often i mean twice in our six years of living here at the same time.

but last wednesday, kantor and i ran into each other. well, we didn't so much run into each other as he shouted my name during a fortuitously quiet section of the music i was blasting, so i heard him, looked up and we walked to meet in the middle in a parking lot off wells. but we did meet.

for all of twenty seconds. during which time he blurted out that he and his girfriend had broken up, i blurted out that my friend had died, we manically embraced and then- so quickly that i later wondered if i had imagined the whole thing- walked away in opposite directions.

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