06 August 2012

1 “why is it that we call a male assertive and a female pushy? why is a guy tough and a girl a bitch?” (ie. my new favorite episode ever of 90210)

Dear class, i had low expectations for “song of myself,” the season 3 episode up for today. last week, we exposed brooke alexander as a bigot, brenda and donna came home, kelly and dylan ended whatever it was they were or were not doing all summer, david silver found his sound and The Summer of Brandon Dates A Bigot finally drew to an end.
as is often the case when the first day of school rolls around, i was left feeling deflated and more than a little fatigued. how can “song of myself” compete with summer? i asked. or how can it even  compete with the first day of junior year, when we met emily valentine?
but that’s the challenge we face with every new year. it’s not going to be the same as the last. it may be great, yes, but in a totally different way. and so let’s let go of our expectations. there’s no more bikinis and a sad lack of pelvic brim, but in their stead we’ve got some dreadtastic fall Fashions, dorktastic freshman buddies, and an ongoing parade of adolescent betrayals.
and to be honest, you guys, “song of myself” blew me away.
more specifically, ahhhhhhhhhndrea zuckerman.
you know how we always make fun of ahhhhhhhhndrea? you know how i use her very name against her and have exclusively used horrendously unflattering images to illustrate everything she says?
oh dear world, i owe ahhhhhhhhndrea an apology.
because in “song of myself” ahhhhhhhhhndrea comes out feminist guns blazing and kicks ass. girl is a baller.
today, class, we’re going to be solving the problem of how to handle the aftermath of the betrayals you committed during summer. but, more importantly, we’re going to be solving the problem of teachers granting favor to male students and female students taking a stand against said teachers to say how totally screwed up that is. Continue reading 

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oline said...

did anyone else notice the crotches?? i really need to know.