13 August 2012

1 it's monday and jmills is finally watching gossip girl

so let's all take a (gif)walk down memory lane...

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jmillewitz said...

I watched the entire first season of gossip girl this weekend. and this is what I learned...

1. I need to wear more colored/textured/knee high/thigh high tights. They are so freaking cute.

2. I don't wear nearly enough accessories, especially brooches.

3. I Love Blair, I want to hate Serena but I can't, poor Eric has tragic hair, and I find all of the guys insufferable (except maybe Chuck.)

4. I got a gooey warm feeling when I saw Michelle Tractenburg was a guest star, and then she turned out to be a teenage psycho. Good character, total let down ending.

5. Which leads me to the most important thing. as far as the story line goes, as oline said, (gossip girl has) excellent buildup, almost always a letdown

more later,