15 August 2012

1 indulgences

i'm pretty sure it's the most boring thing ever in the world when bloggers blog about the state of their upcoming blogging, but alas and alack, i'ma indulge. in off-blog things that may or may not have an effect upon your future reading pleasure, i've two massive deadlines looming.

one is an injection of 5,000 words into the sex toboggans and the other is a 5,000-word fifty shades of grey sports parody. they are due within five days of one another in early september.

10,000 words in what has now shrunk down to a piddly 20 days.

(for everyone who wasn't an english major and, therefore, didn't immediately divide that by the 500 words that constitute a page, it comes out to 20. 10 pages of jackie versus liz, 10 more pages of light porn.)

this will play out in one of two ways.

it will have either a constipative or diuretic effect. so OitC will go bizarrely mum and be an awkward and endless parade of pictures that will make you roll your eyes to such an extent that they'll be permanently stuck to the back of your brain.

OR, the production of so many words in less than one month will lead to a WORD EXPLOSION and you will be begging for mercy, for a simpler time of 100 word posts.

in the meantime... mwwahhhhhh THE FRENCH.

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Les Savy Ferd said...

* crosses fingers * wordexplosionwordexplosionwordexplosion