13 August 2012

0 “how could i have put her in the tough spot of having to choose between her own ambitions and her affections for you?

I guess the lesson we learn this week is that you shouldn’t blow your load too soon. because the remaining 12 minutes of “song of myself” are far less awesome than the first 32. so if you missed last week’s installment- “why is it that we call a male assertive and a female pushy? why is a guy tough and a girl a bitch?”- go back. read it. love it. laugh your little heart out, then meet me back here…
you’re caught up? ok, let’s do this. let’s continue solving the problem of how to handle the aftermath of the betrayals committed during summer and how to end sexism in our schools. solemn times ahead.
where were we? oh yes… Continue reading 

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