16 July 2012

0 PS90210: "i was planning to make them sing for their supper."

Oh my god, you guys. how did they manage to make episodes of 90210 during the summer? i can barely even manage to WATCH episodes of 90210 during the summer!
so, if we were really at some amazingly kick-ass liberal arts college that was wonky enough to have me on faculty and you really were majoring in the social significance of 90s young adult programming and class #3.01-08 solving problems with 90210: the summer of brandon dates a bigot was crucial to your attainment of a degree, this would be the easiest A ever, as half the time i don’t even show up for my own class.
and this, my friends, is one of those days. given that i got 10 hours of sleep over the just passed four day weekend, i’ma take a sickie. but fear not! in my absence, i’ma give you maybe one of the greatest things to ever happen on 90210 (and, thus, give you another week to recover from one of the worst things to ever happen on 90210).
i’m not just making that up either. based on my very limited internet research, this legitimately is considered by many (ie. the person who uploaded the video to youtube) to be the greatest moment in 90210 history. riddle me this: is it?
dear class, today, in things you’d not even dreamed of to ask for but which i am, nonetheless, going to do for you: a close “reading” of 90210, season 2, episode 26, the cameo by COLOR ME BADD.

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