09 July 2012

1 ouch.

i'm realizing more and more that i might be described as "injury prone." and not just standard injuries but, like, truly wackadoo.

stumbling from the bed saturday night for the glass of water i have to get in the middle of the night now because it's that hot and without it i'll wake up dehydrated and hung-over, i stepped on vieve's tail.

this was entirely accidental but, because she was mid-meal, the vieve responded with a ferocity that, though it would've been alarming at any time of day, was particularly hellish at 3 a.m.

i'd barely time to process from whence the throaty feral growl that echoed through the apartment had come before she'd sunk a fang into the back of my heel.

while i'm not suggesting that anyone adapt this episode into a movie, if ever you do the detail you mustn't shirk on is the subsequent quantity of blood.

the lady at the blood donation place has classified me as "a bleeder." for purposes of donating blood, this is incredibly convenient. for purposes of surviving after, say, being hit by a bus? it's maybe not so great.

so, seriously: EPIC amounts of blood. the vieve got in one tooth, at most. it's a clean puncture no bigger than 1/4". and yet, judging from the carrie-esque outflow, you would've thought she's laid into me with a knife. judging from my subsequent inability to walk like anything resembling a normal person, you'd assume i maybe had been hit by a bus rather than bitten by an 8 pound cat.

i've learned two things:

(1) poor achilles! that arrow had to hurt.

(2) these cats, they're killers, ya'll.

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mak said...

Slinky got me in the bicep a few weeks ago while I was brushing her (seeing as how she's too old/fat/lazy to groom her own backside anymore). It looked like I got attacked by a midget vampire.