10 July 2012

2 burvil says, "go."

there's been a tiny plot afoot in the family forward as of late. mind you, it may come to nothing, but nonetheless it is afoot.

writing that i'm reminded of how one year for christmas my grandma ruth- my dad's mom- crocheted us all these matching animal slippers and it was The Greatest Thing Ever in the World. they weren't like what you're thinking. this wasn't slippers with an animal stitched on. no, these were cool. they had talons. it was like our whole family had chewbacca feet (i swear we weren't as star wars obsessed as i often make us sound).

i'm also reminded of my very great sadness when i outgrew mine and my mother swooped in to save the day by giving me hers.

i make that digression because it is probably the only opportunity i will ever have to discuss the animal foot slippers.

anyway, things are afoot!

we're a small family. my parents, joe and burvil and i at the core, and my aunt's family kind of out there in orbit. i can't even imagine how things pan out in larger families given how dramatically everything unfolds in ours. but that's a topic for another time.

for now, i will say that my father said debo said that joe told her that burvil said, "go."


Linda said...

If having a small family means that one day we will all wear matching piggy shirts, then Levi shall remain an only child!

oline said...

come to think of it, there WAS a lot of matching growing up.