26 June 2012

0 stop the presses!

(and, yes, i'm obsessed with the mail.)

john edwards and rielle hunter have broken up.

what do we make of this? hmm... 

i will say i have no love for rielle hunter. woman is a crackpot. have you read the GQ interview? if not, stop whatever it is you're doing (ie. killing time reading OitC) and go read it. now. 

because you can't appreciate the myriad levels of crazy this woman brings to the table unless you've read the GQ interview

so you've read it? let's chat.

omg, crazypants! right?! 

i'm not even going to go into detail because you have, after all, read it now. 

but, ignoring the fact that what she did was wrong- because, from the sound of it, morality doesn't come into play in this scenario- her logic is totally wackadoo. and not wackadoo in a good way like me, but wackadoo in a bad way. 

this intrigues me, from the daily mail's report: "During her Tuesday interview with George Stephanopoulos, Hunter said that she would have done things differently if she had the foresight that she has now about the repercussions of her affair with the then-married father." 

lady, HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW?! isn't it safe to assume that when you have an affair with anyone- never mind a presidential candidate- that there will be repercussions? scratch that. isn't it safe to assume that with pretty much everything you do as an adult, there will- at some point- be repercussions, regardless of whether they're good or bad? 

i'm being mean. she's "devastated." 

but it's hard not to be cynical about someone who drops news like this in tandem with their book tour.

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