21 June 2012

2 perspectives

i'm working  on relaxing outdoors more. i realize that my insistance on viewing it as "work" somewhat negates the whole relaxification aspect, but still. baby steps.

and so i'm plopping down in parks and on random benches, as i always do in cities where i don't live and never do in cities where i do.

last saturday afternoon, before taking in a matinee, i put the pink plane blanket to a new use and stretched out in a corner of sheffield park with a trashy book. it was only after i'd gotten cozy and had a near-miss with a baseball that i realized i was relaxing in a little league game's left field.

it was a full ten minutes after that first realization that i looked up again and suddenly everything fit together differently. i realized, no. i was not sitting in left field but, rather, behind and to the right of the batter's box.

what i'd mistaken for a hit had, in fact, been a wild pitch. one that overshot home plate by a full thirty feet.


Les Savy Ferd said...

Quick, somebody get the Cubs scouts on the horn! What's that? They've already signed the little guy to a minor league contract? He should be competing for a spot in the rotation by next August.

Lara Ehrlich said...

I love this.