18 June 2012

0 “it seems pretty simple to me. you just get on a plane and have the time of your life.”

I’ma give gossip girl credit. they may structure every single episode around a party, but they also give their episodes provocative names, always alluding to a work of literature or film. 90210 does not do that. as a result, we wind up with episode titles like this one.
“the twins, the trustee and the very big trip.” how excited are you for that? not very, likely. but you should be. because, as i mentioned last week, this is The Summer of Brandon Dates a Bigot! translation: we are in for the time of our lives.
this is season 3, episode 2. because episode 1 was mostly just exposition so that we can all go to paris with brenda next week. there was also a lot of jim walsh yelling. fear not, you’ll still get to partake of that treat, just in severely reduced quantity. instead of 3 full episodes of jimbo raging, you only have to stomach two.
i think that’s all the admistrativia. oh wait. one more thing. what are we going to learn here? what problems is 90210 going to solve for us today? well, first off, there’s the matter of what to do with your unruly daughter. there’s also how to manipulate your parents into giving you a free trip for paris. plus, we get portrayals of “stud mania, out of control.” wait for it…
so some stuff happened in the last episode. brenda was banned from seeing dylan. at this point, i think it’s safe to say that you know how that turned out… brenda saw dylan.Continue reading 

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