22 June 2012

4 deep deep thoughts from the naked lady bar: byzantine end matter, buddhist disney, bringing the ring back from mordor, and the BSC

"i would rather pull out all my hairs one by one... ALL OVER MY BODY than let you all read my textbook."

"my leg hair is beautiful!"
"if you write that down, specify that it came from austin and not from me."

"weather was good. no fights. no racism."

"and there's buddhas everywhere... and water slides."

"even the hilton was kind of magical in a weird buddhist disney way."

"what the fuck is going on? it's like a pirate bar."

"immediate fucking! because, c'mon, you can't have us read that story 87,000 times and not do him."

"BOOM! that's maph in a sentence."

"you can put an ad in the newspaper, fine, but you might as well put an ad on your ass and wear pants the whole time, that's how much good it's going to do you."

"and then you find a space penis with a vagina face."

"no, we NLBed... to verb that."

"who know that poetry was the way to go in maph?"

"oline was like 'i'm going to go into biography' and i was like 'i'm going to do whatever the fuck...'"
"and i was like BRRRRR."

"it's just like all the weirdest black people in chicago outside that window right now."

"when we go to hyde park, it should totally be a musical."

"did anyone in the babysitters club have short hair?"
"not claudia or stacey."
"or mallory or maryanne."
"DEFINITELY not dawn."

"good to know. short-haired girls, underrepresented in literature."

"gosh, every time i go into the kitchen i feel like i'm committing a sex crime."

"oddly, you went to mordor and brought back a ring."
"what does that mean for middle earth?"

"why are your footnotes in roman numerals and increasingly byzantine signifiers?"

"purposefully disgusting!"

'there's another weird black guy."

"that's the beauty of patriarchy. we let you do all the work."


Linda said...

regarding baby-sitters club, I'm pretty certain Jessie did. And Kristy.. obvious short hair, as she went to her golf game.

oline said...

well that is some mighty wackadoo logic! explain, please. what does golf have to do with short hair? dana and i rationalized that kristy's hair was long enough to go up in a ponytail so it wasn't really that short. and JESSIE. shit, how did we forget JESSIE? what horrible liberals we are.

oline said...

per wikipedia: kristy- "Shoulder length brown hair usually worn in a ponytail"

oline said...

umm... they've rereleased them and now they look like all those books from the 1970s about becoming a woman. well, at least like the books that my mom gave me that were from the 1970s and about The Change.