27 June 2012

1 commitment

i'm trying to go to bikram more. by which i mean- let's face it- going to bikram at all. because it's so much easier not to go. right up until the moment i'm there, in the studio, it's so much easier to turn back.

for reals, how many times have i been dressed only to get back into bed because i'm 3 minutes late getting out of the house and assume my preferred spot will be taken and i will surely die if i'm not in the little back corner by the window? SO MANY TIMES, people. so many times.

but now i've got this streak going. i've gone two days in a row! huzzah! it's a streak that's about to end tomorrow because k.clen and i have breakfast, but i opt to count it as a streak nonetheless. two consecutive days is a triumph. pancakes will be a worthy reward.

i'm haunted by something britney spears once said. about how, for her, it was a constant battle every day to get out of bed and to go work out. truth. for nearly everyone, no?

bikram is the only time of the day when my brain shuts up. not even the class necessarily, but in the 15 minutes prior where you just lay there sweating and breathing. that 15 minutes alone is worth the 2 hours of lost sleep. right? really?

i try to tell myself it is and i maybe half-believe it. but then i come home and there she is. the vieve. all stretched out across the bed, belly up and lightly snoring. and i'm stricken with envy because my cat got more sleep than me.

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Anonymous said...

2 days in a row is definitely a streak! and i love the pic of the vieve