18 April 2012

2 vegas, baby

k.clen and i are going to vegas. this unfolded in wicked haste on monday, in less than 32 emails, which is- quite possibly- a personal best.

there are two kinds of trips. (1) the trip like the forthcoming one to paris with my mother, where i checked airfare literally every single day for a solid four months; and (2) the trip that comes out of nowhere on a monday morning and that's booked by lunch. 

vegas, baby. it's happening. in six months. but really all you need to know for right now is that we're going and that, when we do, we're staying at a $28/night days inn on the strip. 


mak said...

Clearly, when I get around to going to Vegas, I'm going to have you both plan and accompany me on this trip.

oline said...

i'm curious to see whether we could pull this off twice.