04 April 2012

3 Movies You Really Should've Seen By Now If You Want To Consider Yourself A Grown Person: Rudy

OH MY GOD. do you remember this movie??! ahhhahahahahahahahahah.

seriously. didn't it make you want to play football? 

i didn't even really know what football was or where notre dame was and i abhorred the aesthetic of all that padding, but still... just for a glimmer of a moment when i was a little girl, rudy made me want to play. SOMETHING. i didn't even care what. 

and to be a boy. and to be catholic. and to have a soundtrack as soulful and stirring as rudy's (which is inexplicably not in the previews findable online), if not for my entire life, the at least for the purposes of my free-skate (mimed figure skating in socked feet) routine. that would've won me the gold medal, i'm sure.

now, i don't remember much about rudy except that it is hands-down the video i rented most often from the video library at the kroger in nashville on hwy 96. not even roma "touched by an angel" downey's a woman named jackie comes close. 

it's also "the other sean astin movie". as in, there's rudy and then there's lord of the rings. in rudy, he's kind of a poor girl's chris o'donnell. like, at the age of whatever, while i lusted after chris o'donnell, deep in my heart, i knew he would never be with me. whereas sean astin might've. 

you need to watch rudy to be considered a grown person because it teaches us important things about both sports and height discrimination. outside of an episode of the original 90210, where you gonna get lessons likes that?

rudy. watch it. WEEP. i always do. really, how can you not? 

(geez, just searching through the previews made me tear up)


mak said...

Spot on with the Sean Astin-Chris O'Donnell comparison.

Osutein said...

I will defend this movie to the death. Sure, it's shameless in its emotional manipulation (and invented the slow clap) but holy hell, does it do it well.

And I have to admit, when Ayako and I drove near South Bend last fall on our way to Amish Country, I got excited and was like, "WE ARE SO CLOSE TO RUDY COUNTRY!" and she looked at me like I was a crazy person.

All of which is to say, we should have a viewing. And then cleanse our mental palates with Zoolander.

oline said...

and this is why we are friends.