08 March 2012

0 to whom it may concern

dear cvs,

why you so mean?

for reals. you know i look forward to the seasonal 20% off your entire order coupon. you know i keep a running seasonal list of all the things i'm going to buy with that coupon, therefore saving myself thousands of bucks (well... twenties of bucks, but still). you know i treasure that coupon. that i use it to buy two of all the terribly boring grown-up things that are absolutely no fun to spend my money on.

presumably you also know i've been waiting for this coupon for WEEKS. because, judging from the excessive length of my grown-up things list, it is well past time. and here you go and send me a coupon that is only good for march 17th and 18th. when i am out of town.

dude! not cool. 

that's all.


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