20 March 2012

3 skummilk

in prague, i bought a liter of what i believed to be czech milk. it tasted like american coffee creamer. this didn't deter me from drinking the whole damn thing, but i did wonder precisely what it was. thanks to google translate, i confirmed that it was milk and, accordingly, consumed an additional eight liters.

but it's curious how different milk is from country to country. the worst milk i've ever had was in sweden. it tasted like lawn fertilizer smells. how appropriate that it was called "skummilk."

the czech milk had a hint of skummilk about it. an almost sickening initial sweetness undercut by a chemical aftertaste that unfurls a reprehensible ugliness in the mouth, unstoppable as the spill at chernobyl.

blah and i are sitting in an irish bar in dresden and i'm trying to explain the difference between swedish and czech milk when i realize that i discuss milk like connoisseurs discuss wine. this is either endearing or obnoxious. i do not know which.


Linda said...

endearing. but the thought of it varying so much between countries kind of weirds me out.

Katie C said...

I agree whole heartedly with lindear on all accounts.

Megan said...

Your blog ate my comment. Milk from India is by far the worst.