10 February 2012

4 things it seems really important to point out for those of you who do not read gossip magazines

lindsay lohan is 25
and wearing The Worst Coat of All Time.


Meggie said...

Cracken looks like Dina Lohan after bad plastic surgery. I am pretty sure that isn't going to help her get any citing roles. Good thing she has pretty much given up on that and works as a ho now.

Linda said...

this is all amazing.

Osutein said...

It looks like she killed and skinned a yeti.

oline said...

in the reporting on her Fashions, those are classified as "faux yeti cuffs." so no yetis died in the making of this outfit.

but she's TWENTY-FVIE!!! don't we all look incandescently baby-faced in comparison?