03 February 2012

6 reckless

in 1993, jfk: reckless youth was my favorite kennedy docudrama of all time. it starred patrick dempsey. 

last may, at the biographers conference, i met the author, rushed him in a side hallway and gushed, "omg, i LOVED your book."

we talked on the phone for twenty minutes yesterday. his first question was "remind me, oline, have we ever met in the flesh?"

ever one to tell the truth at the expense of making myself look a fool, i said, "yes, we have. i'm that girl who cornered you at the conference last year." and he said, "oh yes, the one with the red hair who loved patrick dempsey."

when burvil heard i was getting my hair did, she counseled that red hair was a good thing. because "people always remember redheads." as she always is, burvil was right. they do.


Linda said...

THAT is awesome.

Osutein said...

::searches in vain for a 'like' button::

Linda said...

Ha! I do that all the time on here!

jmillewitz said...
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jmillewitz said...

I love this, and I agree, people do remember redheads.

Acer Negundo said...

I don't know about that... I've ditched my copper red tones for white blonde and now NO ONE forgets me. But that also might be because I also wear rainbow moon boots and a coat that makes me look like a fire hydrant.