21 February 2012

2 a brief love letter, if you will

there's a moment in every relationship when you know you're in it for good. for real, for the long haul. through any and all awful shit.

in june 2001, kbg came to see me at summer school. that night, we drove around the darkened campus of mississippi state blasting u2's "discotheque." what i remember is the bass, the stadium, the stars and her bare feet dangling out the window of my mazda. and feeling, for the first time, that other people can feel like home.

shortly after that, we stopped talking. for years.

there are people who are fundamental. i say that a lot because it's true. (and because i've been blessed with more of these people than i have any right to be.)

there are people who are fundamental and, no matter how many times you run round in stupid circles like a loon, you will ultimately circle back to them. they are home base. the destination towards which you are always, consciously or unconsciously, returning. for a respite, for reassurance, for love, for laughter.

in the midst of all my circles and foolishness, kbg showed up in my mailbox and on my doorstep and at the north carolina state fair. she has always, always shown up for me. in texts, in prayers, on the other end of the phone line at the end of long, long nights.

we are very different, kbg and i, but in wigs we look like twins. and when her letters come in the mail, her handwriting strikes my heart like a cooling wind on a warm afternoon. 


Anonymous said...

i. love. you.

oline said...

and i you.