16 January 2012

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in that image from the sunday school exercise where we closed our eyes and imagined god creating the universe and all i could think was how alone god must feel in the dark, christ was conspicuously absent.

my concept of god has, from the first, been steeped in profound loneliness.

is my dislike of christ simply the natural response of a petulant only child?

[so, yeah, we've all aged a zamillion years since this unending string of related religious shit that's a part of the larger thing that's not yet been ended began. here's a chronological recap and links if you're confused or just that desperate for reading material: fundamentalschurchedgodon being born againthe golden agers, there ain't no easy way, there is a time for everything, this is the crux, this is an aside, this is a pep talk, this is heresy, this was the beginning, this is somehow relevant, this is what really fucking sucks, this is the problem...]

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