03 January 2012

6 let's do this

it's 2012.

which means the holidays are over. which means i can no longer skate by on the assumption that all 8 of my devoted readers are otherwise engaged with life and family and fun times and, therefore, not reading what i write here so i'm at liberty to not write.

it's 2012. the holidays are over. i am no longer at liberty to not write.

and to that i say baaaaaaaaaaaaah.

on january 2nd, i was hit by a cab.

by "hit", i mean "bumped", but "hit" sounds so much better.

but i was legitimately "hit" (read: "bumped"). to the extent that, in the aftermath, a streak of blue salt residue stained the knee of the hot pink sweater tights my mum gave me for christmas.

it seems inauspicious. to be hit (read: "bumped") by a taxi on the 2nd day of the new year. particularly by a taxi that was at a total standstill until i was midway through the street.

but i'm trying to take this as a good omen. an unusual sign that the year will be a good one, filled with the near misses that yield solid stories.

yes, i'm seeing that through the lens of a brief encounter with softcore street violence, but i'm seeing it all the same.


Clark MF Price said...

I remember that time I hit a car right before I was going to meet your parents for the first time.

oline said...

WHAT?! do i know that story? so many secrets!

(also, did i call and leave you a rambling message about how i was totally going to talk to you one last time before the end of 2011 but then you never called me back? or did i just dream that?)

Clark MF Price said...

Well that story was about William letting me borrow his bike without him telling me that the brakes didn't work. I hit a parked car on a downhill slope doing a cool 30mph. Still have a dent in my shin to this day.

As for the phone message, I came down with pneumonia on Christmas Eve. I have only recently regained the use of my voice. Previously, my voice was comprised of squawks and rasps. So yeah, sorry for no return call.

oline said...

wow, i don't remember that at all!

and what was up with men and pneumonia in 2011?

The Whiffer said...

sorry to interject but this is important. when you are attempting to skate on your assumptions come the end of this year, please note that I check you blog on xmas day. No presh!

oline said...

wow. that is commitment. i'm touched.