25 January 2012

3 hull house is closing

that is a big deal.
one of the chicago biographers wrote THIS.
you should read it.
my pull-quote:

"The great insight of the settlement movement was the power of social ties to realign the energies of prosperous people away from their class self-interests and towards efforts to support the reforms working people sought, which in Addams’s times included a livable wage and the eight-hour workday.Underlying that insight was the recognition that materially comfortable people often held dangerous misconceptions about working class people as undisciplined and without ambition and that working people held prejudices of their own about the selfishness and greed of the wealthier classes."


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this article. It deeply resonates with a discussion we had at EFM last night that was rooted in a Thomas Merton quote. More details to come via snail mail... Love!

oline said...

oh good good!
and yay mail!!!

kit said...

i'm so sad to hear that :( thanks for posting!