12 December 2011

6 this is somehow relevant

i grew up thinking my first name was "favorite".

i didn't know otherwise until the 1st grade, when my teacher- the one who said i talked too much in class and once took me to the principal's office and made me call burvil to tell her to tell me to shut up- was calling roll and called out the name "faith."

because my first name was favorite, i did not respond.

caroline, the teacher said, that is you.

i'd spent all seven of the years i'd lived thinking my name was "favorite" before this woman who hated me said my name was, in fact, a word that carried no connotations of my being beloved.

faith seemed a significant demotion from favorite.


Linda said...

I really want the sweatshirt in this picture. this would be great for...something!

oline said...

an ugly sweatshirt party, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I suppose thinking your name is "Favorite" is loads better than thinking it was "The Worst" or "Hey You."

Think it cuts both ways, too. If Lara and I ever have kids (at her desk at work she just shivered) and they are asked my name no doubt they will say oh that's easy, "Ferd".

Osutein said...

"I'm sorry, Arya/Netflix Riggs-Ehrlich, what are you parents' names again?"

"Croftie and Ferdlas, of course. Here's a picture of them when they were in graduate school studying math at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The woman with the yellow shoes is Aunt Favorite. She's not really my aunt. And that's Uncle Sensei. He's Japanese, I guess. And that's Aunt Dana. I don't see her much anymore."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"She's in jail for setting Uncle Sensei's burka on fire during a concert."

oline said...

yes yes yes. please let this be our destiny. given that i've still not kicked the yellow shoes to the curb, it's possible. and i'm glad that in this scenario, sensei survives the fire.

Linda said...

love, love, love the name Aunt Favorite.