21 December 2011

2 some lessons learned

biography does not do wonders for your love life.
jackie loved parades.
the suburbs aren't that far away.
neither is evanston.
be a man.
bring your own ketchup.
don't go to the dutch pancake place the day after halloween.
always follow-up.
UCLA is not USC.
pick your pen name before you publish.
checking out books doesn't mean you'll read them.
reading books doesn't mean you'll remember them.
accept paypal.
splurge on your business cards.
wear fake fuchsia bangs.
it's good to have friends of friends in foreign lands.
don't do anything stressful after giving blood.
god sleeps from the hours of 12 to 3 a.m.
if you ask, people will give you columns.
bring extra batteries.
do not drive to memphis.
book reviews are where the money's at.
wash your hair.
send flowers.
read the book.
some people improve upon acquaintance.
a fortune can be built with $5 bills.


Linda said...

love the "people improve upon acquaintance" one. love it.

Osutein said...

we also learned some very disturbing things about the Dane and her penchant for arson at the NLB.