01 December 2011

7 a guide to strumpets of yore

dear biographer of the future who is writing about me 
and how i never wrote any of the books i said i'd write,
please please pretty pretty please let this 
(with the exception of chapter 13) 
be your table of contents.


mak said...

If that happens, my new goal in life is to be The Girl Who Was Also There.

oline said...

well yeah. i mean, there are pictures.

also, this is a book about prostitution and white slavery. is it maybe wrongish that its chapter titles (again, excepting 13) read like my ideal life?

and i SO want ermine.

mak said...

Um, yeah, you left out that important bit of context, there.

At the very least, I thought perhaps it was a bad romance anthology, you know, like a forerunner of Harlequin or something.

Anonymous said...

but you have killed. The couch, remember?

oline said...


dear pirate, please write my biography. so the cover copy will read: "OLINE EATON: STRUMPET OF TODAY, the exciting latest by dOugO pirate riggs, author of EVIL MAN SMELLS BABY STABS SNOWMAN."

i bet sensei would arrange a panel to discuss the unexpectedness of that.

Osutein said...

"Expected Careers afterMAPH: humanities administration, soul crushing tedium, adjunct professoring, prostitution, and couch-killing strumpetry."

oline said...

best. panel. ever.