18 December 2011

3 check out

"Sterne is wonderful but daunting. I feel like a college freshman who has gone out on a few dates with a completely awesome person, somebody who can make you happy for just about ever but who you’re pretty much incapable of making that kind of long term commitment with right now. Someday, Laurence, someday."


oh, and: best. picture. ever.


Linda said...

I feel as if these are panda-versions of various characters in the Oline Life Play. Like, you are so the one on the bottom.

oline said...

i thought the exact same thing, but pegged myself as the sleepy one second down on the left.

Anonymous said...

I would think Lara is the one at the bottom. Jus' Chillin'. Maxing. Relaxing outside of the bamboo school.