09 November 2011

0 gunilla von post has died

obituaries and the daily mail are two of my favorite things, so you can imagine my enthusiasm upon the discovery that the daily mail ran an obit for gunilla von post.

[you likely will not remember good old gunilla from the auctioning of "lot #1174: 'Love, Jack' - Senator John F. Kennedy's Complete Correspondence with his Swedish Lover" by LEGENDARY AUCTIONS, which i discussed at length early last year.]

sadly, it's pretty meh, but there are a few gems. the title, for instance, is pure gold:

is that not the best death announcement of all time? it totally makes me want to have a love affair with a famous man and write a breathy tell-all about it, solely so my own purple prose will be quoted in the formal write-up when i die. 

i don't even need to be mentioned by name. just so long as there's something like: 

'His smoldering gaze left me shivering 
on tenterhooks': XXX's Southern lover 
(before and after he was vegetarian) 
dies aged 412

i mean, right?!

for an obit of gunilla, the daily mail's obit is bizarrely light on actual details from gunilla's life. most of the biographical tidbits are confined to this caption.

so her life began in 1953 and she had a lot of homes. 

everything else is about the sex life of jfk, "master romancer." (which begs the question, are "DAILY MAIL REPORTER" and the individual responsible for the insidiously bad LEGENDARY AUCTIONS catalog copy one and the same?)

here is a situation i've somehow never considered and yet one that makes perfect sense: when you are famous only for having an affair with a famous person, that famous person is going to hijack your press coverage. even unto death. 

that's deep. 

this isn't: 

never once have i wondered what, if he were alive, jfk's facebook relationship status would be. and yet it seems so obvious now. "it's complicated." clearly.

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