12 October 2011

0 je veux être à paris

i'm a total sucker for blue skies and good light, and there is nothing so lovely as the light in paris.

i wanna go back.

sadly, paris is not a convenient place to which one can seasonally jaunt. the desire to make it such seems extraordinarily selfish- not to mention ridiculous- given that, really, i was just there, like, not even three months ago.

i was in paris for twelve hours. the last two were a total world of crazy and the first ten were lovely beyond compare. but it was not enough. it's never enough.

paris is the locational equivalent of the economic conundrum presented by an all-you-can-eat-buffet. try as you might, you never ever take it all in.

even that monday at 9 a.m., coming up on the escalator out of gare du norde and walking out into the parisian sun, i sighed to myself, this is lovely for now, but it will not be enough. 

and yes, i realize the absurdity of this. the total time wastage of being nostalgic for the moment in which one is currently living. but i make exceptions for paris. i mean, it's paris. come on.

there are days i awake wishing i was in paris. today is one of those days.

i'm going back. i don't know how but i am. that's the best thing about jackie. she can be anything i want. she can take me anywhere i want to go.

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