28 October 2011

4 hot child in the city

we've a phrase in my family that's invoked during the unfolding of any activity/circumstance/event of which my grandmother would expressly not approve.

don't tell burvil.

mind you, the specter of burvil's disapproval doesn't discourage us from engaging in said activity/circumstance/event. but it does give us a moment of pause.

all that to say it's going to be a night of much we won't tell burvil.

tonight, i am going clubbing. with my cousin. who is, shall we say, quite young.

are you jealous? i know you are. you're freaking keeled over with envy, because who wouldn't be? it's friday night and i'm clubbing with my college-age cousin. what 30-year-old woman doesn't long to say the same?

the only thing that could improve upon the idealness of this scenario? if i were two days removed from a diagnosis of four separate infections so that my preparations for the night of clubbing with my cousin could involve donning a mini-dress and mainlining decongestant.

but, wait!  that's totally how it's happening! the stars, they have aligned!

i assume this evening will be epical. really, how can it not be? 

cousins! clubbing! guaifenesin! cigars!

we keep only the best things from burvil.


Osutein said...

I hope you're going to "The Apartment." No place on earth makes me feel so old and out-of-place as there.

oline said...

oh dear friend, i'm doing everything in my power to avoid it for that precise reason.

Linda said...

please please please photo-document EVERYTHING!

oline said...

given that (a) i look like someone recently risen the dead and (b) much of what we'll be doing will not be above board, um... no.

HOWEVER, if you video the making of the tractor cake, i might be willing to negotiate.