29 December 2011

0 funny ha, ha.

the biographers are funny.

i tell people this and they're completely unamazed and say, well, you're funny so we just assumed your kind would be much the same. me, i am amazed.

the chicago biographers met for a drink. they want to know what i'm doing with the jackie book. have i got an agent? a proposal? a publisher?

i wave my hands in the universal sign of surrender and say, i'm not there yet! 

sensing my fragility, they back off. they've got contracts and agents and hardcovers and here i am-- a biographer in no hurry to write her book. they do not know what to do with me.

and i don't really know how to tell them what i'm doing because, while i see it very clearly, i also see it's not nearly so clear to everyone else.

i'm weaseling my way in at the level of genre so i can build from the ground up and write the book i want to write. this is innovative or delusional, take your pick. either way, it's not something i can just say at the duke of perth over $5 beers.

i can't and i don't, but i kind of want to. if only to hear them say that i can't.

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