29 September 2011

0 i know what i need to do

because i was so eloquently quoted instructing people on how to log onto facebook ("according to oline eaton, author of jackie: the tabloid years, 'you just click on the icon to the right of your profile pic'"... omg, sentences that should NEVER exist) in the newsletter of the biographers collective of which i am now the social networking chair though i still don't really know how to twitter, i am going to new york to talk to a bunch of lady biographers about blogging.


if you were able to follow that, props to you. i've still not fully teased out the chain of events. all's i know is i'm going to new york.

and i'm pretty sure all i want to do in new york is sleep for years, eat a burger at the algonquin, hand in the levy application and then plunk down my $11 suggested donation at the met and plant in front of the temple of dendur while listening to the national's boxer and, possibly, cry.

because there is nothing so beautiful in all the world as the temple of dendur. not even paris. no, the whole city of paris- a city i love with all my heart- is not so beautiful as this egyptian temple that jackie brought us. i don't know why this is so, just that it is.

she lived across the street at 1040 fifth. when she threw parties, she'd ask the met to turn on the lights so she could see her temple. this is my favorite jackie story to tell in new york.

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